•       Keep phone fully charged & switched on at all times.

•       If you divert the phone during office hours, remember to take the diversion off.

•       If you are somewhere you may not hear the phone, remember to check frequently for missed calls.

•       Try not put yourself into a situation where you may not be able to answer calls or hear the phone.

•       Make sure you have emergency iPad, phone, numbers & papers with you at all times

•       Note details of calls on the record in this file and log file notes to the student’s booking as soon as possible.


•       Phone & charger

•       iPad & charger

•       Emergency procedures & flow charts

•       Airport transfer list for new arrivals

•       Details of any other taxi bookings for the week

•       School emergency list

•       Lists of all details of all host families

•       Name list for all students currently registered in the school and which accommodation they are staying in

•       Worldwide emergency list

•       List of spare HF accommodation

•       Any relevant activities information

•       Residence room lists

•       General school information (door codes etc)

•       Guidelines for taxi drivers

•       Record for noting details of calls (later passed on to relevant department)

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