Missed flight:

Arrival transfer

Remember to :

•      Cancel or reschedule the taxi

•       Inform reps at the airport

•       Contact the HF or inform residence staff

Return transfer

  • Reassure the student that we will help them to get home.
  • Ask transfer driver to stay with the student until we know the student can take another flight the same day.
  • Ask student to speak directly to the airline company at airport/contact the SO emergency to help the student or family rearrange the flight
  • If the flight is the same day/soon, then student can stay and wait, advise U18 to stay at the airport and not to leave (Inform EF reps if on Sunday working hours)
  • If the flight is not until the following day, bring the student back to school, we must offer an emergency bed and transfers to catch flight. 
  • Staying in a hotel is ONLY an option for over 18s and this would be at their cost if they choose not to take up offer of EF accommodation.  U18 MUST be brought back to school, they cannot stay in a hotel alone.
  • Logfile everything and make sure to follow up the case until you know the student is safely on the plane back home