All under 18s needing medical attention during their stay with us must be accompanied by a host family or RA. If you are unsure whether medical attention is necessary, you or the host family should call NHS Direct for advice. Whoever makes this call must be with the student at the time as they will ask you detailed questions that the student will need to be present to answer.

The sales office should be contacted and informed as soon as possible so that they can inform the parents of the student. With all medical issues we need to check that the student is okay a day after the incident all information needs to be log filed.

Any serious medical issues need to be reported to the school director or student director & followed up and the hospitalisation procedure documented and student visited regularly by a staff member. 

Click here for General Guidelines for sick students


Remember the standard rules that all under 18s must be accompanied to hospital whether they want it or not and over 18s must be offered it as an option – how good is the student’s English, we may need to find someone who is able to translate if they have a very low level, can be a friend of the student or colleague.

If you are required to go;

•       please refer to a colleague ( the person on the residence phone or HF phone during the summer) as you will not be able to maintain emergency phone duties and need to divert calls. The phone must always be contactable so divert the calls to the person who is covering for you and remember to undivert once you are available again.

•       Make sure you take and complete the hospitalisation check list

•       Make sure that HF/residence staff are aware

•       Follow up with the student after the visit to make sure they are feeling better