Students need to be at home by 11pm Sunday – Thursday and 12am Friday/Saturday. If a student doesn’t make their curfew the HF should call you and you need to follow these steps:

If you can reach the student:

·         Call the student and tell them to come back home immediately, find out who they are with and where they are and how long it will take them to get back. Stress to the student that it is for their safety that you are concerned for them and need to ensure that they get back home safely.  Inform the host family of the information and ask them to call you again if they do not return.  If the student does not return back home you need to call the student again, we will not call the police as we know that they are alive and well but again stress the importance that they must return home. We need to call the police if we believe there is a serious concern for the student’s wellbeing.

·         If the student refuses to come back home, find out where they are, who they are with and get a time of when they will be back home tell the student that we are concerned for their safety firstly, but by refusing to return, they are breaking the rules and disciplinary action and a meeting with the School Director will be necessary. Further actions may be taken to remove them from the school as we cannot accept responsibility for them, their parents will also be notified.

Report both cases to the Welfare officer in the morning; they will follow up with both cases.

If you cannot reach the student then please follow the missing under 18’s guidelines as detailed in the on-call procedures document

Make sure logs are kept at all times and what you have done, log everything in Elektra at the first opportunity.